Top Mercedes Cars in India

Mercedes is one of the biggest brands in the world in any segment throughout the globe. The Indian audience has always taken a liking to Mercedes cars. Its cult like status has always been revered throughout the globe and nothing has changed with the Indian audience as well. So let us take a look at some of the most sought after Mercedes Benz cars in the country.


1. Mercedes Benz A Class

Mercedes Benz is one of the more economical options among the Mercedes range of car. Available at around Rs.29 lacs, customers can get even a more economical option with second hand cars including used Mercedes ML Class in India. The Mercedes Benz A Class is powered by a 2.2 litre 16V In-Line diesel engine that has a 2143cc displacement using 4 cylinders of four valves each. The engine gives away 136bhp power at 3600 to 4400rpm along with 300Nm torque at 1400 to 3000rpm. Mated to a 7 speed automatic transmission system, the sedan works with a forward wheel drive setup. As far as performance is concerned the sedan can crack the 100kmph barrier in a matter of 8.8 seconds whereas its top speed is 210kmph.

2. Mercedes Benz C Class

Another popular sedan in its class from the house of Mercedes is the C Class. Mercedes Benz C Class is a little more expensive than the A Class at around Rs.39 lacs but does offer a lot more features than the latter. Further the engine is top notch with the sedan featuring a 2.2 litre 16V In-line engine that gives away 170bhp power at 3000 to 4200rpm along with a 400Nm torque at 1400 to 2800rpm. It is not surprising that the sedan can cross the 100kmph in just 7.4 seconds since it has a mammoth displacement of 2143cc. The top speed for the car is 233kmph.

3. Mercedes Benz CLA

There are plenty of cars from Mercedes Benz that are quite expensive but customers can get a second hand version of the same. There are used Mercedes Benz ML Class in India that customers can buy and the same goes for the stylish Mercedes Benz CLA. The latter of the two is another formidable prospect that has four different variants including 200CDI Style, 200CD sport, 200CGI Sport and 45 AMG. The 45 AMG is the most premium of the lot and comes with a 1991cc engine that generates 360bhp power at 6000rpm and 450NM torque at 2250 to 5000rpm. The engine uses four cylinders of four valves each and is mated to a 7 speed automatic transmission system. Using an All-wheel drive setup, the Mercedes Benz CLA class is quite smooth and powerful. Its impact can be measured from the fact that it can reach the 100kmph mark from a standstill in just 4.6 seconds. Its top speed is 250kmph.

4. Mercedes Benz GLE

Lastly we have an SUV from the German automakers that looks scintillating and features and equally graceful yet powerful engine. There are two variants of the car including 250D and 350D with both being backed by diesel but with different power capacities. The latter of the two has more firepower with the engine being backed by a displacement of 2987cc giving away 258bhp power at 3400rpm and 620Nm torque at 1600rpm. The engine uses 6 cylinders of four valves each and works with a 9 speed automatic transmission system. The engine is mated to an all wheel drive setup then ensures that the SUV can manage all kinds of terrains with ease and comfort. When it comes to performance, Mercedes Benz GLE can go to 100kmph from 0 in just 7.2 seconds while its top speed is around 225kmph.