Take A Turn Into Your Career By Entering Into Visual Designing Field

In past decades, when embarking on a design career path, there were only a few choices available for a Graphic designer, web designer. But now when it comes to designing career then there are various options comes in mind from UX designer to digital designer, visual designer etc. These days, a career in visual designing is the first choice of many applicants. A visual designer is similar to a graphic designer in some ways.

Just as the graphic designer, the visual designer has a blanket term for digital. It covers a long spectrum of digital design but what differentiates it from other roles is that it oriented towards what a user sees on a screen and it less about behind the scene work.

What is the responsibility of a visual designer?

Visual designers work on a variety of platforms. They plan the layout, design, interface for any project based on creative brief and clients meetings. They provide a better communication medium to the user and give them great user experience.

  • They collaborate with the team members to define user requirements.
  • They plan the various colors, shape, and fonts according to the user taste.
  • They use multiple tools, techniques to draw the layout.
  • Design user-centered interaction models, wireframes.
  • Design the logos, icons, and infographic.
  • Work on e-mail, presentation materials, and interactive event materials.

Education, Experience, and skills:

To enter into designing field candidates required a bachelor degree in design or with computer science or Information technology field. With a bachelor degree, one must have a hand on experience with all the software’s used in this.

A visual designer also must have familiar with basic coding concept, browser usability and cross-platform compatibility to work with the developers.

The candidates with a creative mind can easily enter into this field.

A visual designer should have:

  • Good knowledge of tools, techniques, and software’s used in this.
  • Good communication skill
  • Time management skill
  • Typography Skill
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Ability to meet deadline

Candidates can get some additional benefits with few years of experience and with a strong portfolio.

How much can a visual design earn?

A visual designer can earn up to 25k to 30k at the initial level. After gaining few years of experience one can earn a higher wage and can get a good position in any organization.

Job opportunities for visual designers:

  1. Multimedia Artist: A multimedia artist design and create the special, visual effects using the different tools and software. They use to up to date with the latest technologies to build, design and develop new images, logos, banner, ads etc.
  2. Art Designers: They use the latest technology and artistic skill to create interactive designs for different mediums.
  3. Editorial Design: They work to create the eye catching, interesting layout for the magazines, newspapers, and brochures. They can work with the editors and photographers in order to produce the final layout.

These are some post which one can get as a visual designer. A visual designer can work in ad agencies, corporate companies. There is a great demand of visual designers in every industry. One can get jobs in any industry and also they choose the location preference like getting Jobs in Jaipur, Jobs in Delhi, Jobs in Varanasi, Bangalore and others.