What you need to build the Best SEO Company in India

The modern companies that are digitally connected need good marketing people to stay profitable. There are hundreds of thousands of companies selling or offering similar goods and services. To stand apart in such a crowd, you need good quality advertisement. Now to be visible on the Internet you have to come on the top of any internet based search engine result. To know how this works, you have to keep in mind that all search engines use algorithms to look for some specific issues in a website. All these features that the search engine algorithm gather gets different points and a website getting the maximum points will find itself at the top of any search result that the visitor made in Google, Yahoo, Bing or others.


Now getting to know the importance of different features that the search engine programs look for in a site, you can leverage them to get the best results for your designed websites and become the best SEO company in India. Now different search engine looks for different things to priorities their ranking, but there are some general things that are common to all of them. The list of all the key factors that your website must have to get better search results includes:

1). Keywords in the title itself
2). Keywords spread throughout the article
3). Good navigational architecture
4). Get as many inbound links
5). Good content, both text as well as multimedia

For you to become the best SEO company in India you have to work on all of these points simultaneously. As the first point suggests, keywords are one of the most important factors in any search engine ranking process. SEO experts believe that at the most only 2 percent of your article length should be used for keywords. In addition, there are several places where you have to put in keywords to get better search result rankings. These include, in the title itself, in descriptions, in heading and contents, in image titles and alternate text and even in the URLs. Now titles are actually created using HTML and provide a brief glimpse of what to expect on the website.

Descriptions also known as meta descriptors are one or two lines that you find just beneath the URLs. They tell the visitor what you will find on the web page if you click on the link. Now adding keywords to the title of an article posted on the web page makes a lot of sense as it tells the visitor about the subject matter that the article deals with. Adding keywords to your HTML program to describe what an image or video posted on the website gets additional points from the search engine algorithm which will definitely improve your ranking.

Another thing that you should keep in mind to become the best SEO company in India is not using ‘Black Hat’ techniques. These are basically unethical means of improving your website ranking by taking advantages of loopholes in the search engine programs. If your black hat techniques are detected, then you may face penalties and in extreme case, your site may be even blacklisted from any search results. You should know about these black hat techniques so that you should not use them inadvertently on any website. The black hat techniques include hiding keywords by using the same colour font as that is in the background. Keyword stuffing is also one of the unethical ways of improving your ranking. Do not include keywords where they do not belong.

It is important that you give more weight to good content and amazing user experience to improve the chances of your website getting higher in the ranking order.