The Meaning of Transactional SMS Gateway Provider India

Throughout the day we get messages from unknown people or offices. Someone or the other is busy promoting any random goods or service for which they are sending us messages. I am sure most of us do not like it. each one of us are wanting to get rid of these unimportant messages but on the other hand we do not want to miss out on important messages which we get from the banks, educational institutes, e-commerce websites and many more. So what should we do? For these reason transactional SMS gateway provider India have introduced a new formulae or process. Here we receive only important messages (as in what the customer feels important) and rest of the messages goes to the spam folder.

The best part of these kinds of messages is they are not promotional messages. Transactional SMS gateway provider India does not allow promoting or advertising any kind of product in it. That is the only restriction and all business owners and marketers have to follow it diligently. These messages are sent to the customers to share some information necessary regarding any particular service. These days almost all the banks in India prefer to use transactional SMS service. They say that it helps to inform their clients regarding any kind of banking information. And all customers take this service seriously. The main advantage of this service is that, they message will be sent to the customer who has activated ‘do not disturb service’. First of all no one likes to activate this do not disturb service but still if anyone does it the office will send the message.

To promote this service transactional SMS price India is very low. As very few people know about this service the service providers are trying to keep the price rate as minimum as possible. It is one time investment; no monthly or yearly charge is involved with it. Once you buy the package from the service provider you do not have to bother about any more rental cost.

Now let us see how promotional SMS service is different from transactional SMS service:-

The only difference between the two is that promotional messages are sent to promote goods and service whereas in a transactional message you can only send some information regarding your company. In a promotional message service you can activate the ‘do not disturb’ service whereas in a traditional message service you cannot do so. Most of the time in a transactional SMS service customers cannot use the do not disturb option.

A suggestion to all the ordinary people who are reading this article is always take transactional messages seriously, do give some time reading it and then understanding it. If you want you can reply back to the message. Never ever delete the message without reading it; you never know you might miss out on something important. Since these messages are sent from some offices it has got some important points it in. Random start ups will not sent transactional messages.