What makes Youstable worthy of your attention?

There are many cheap web hosting services in India, but the majority of the affordable Web Hosting services are not registered. Youstable provides good web hosting services, and Youstable is a registered company recognised by the Government of India.

But, what makes Youstable worthy of your attention?

Company info

Youstable started by an Indian Blogger after suffering a lot of web hosting problems throughout the blogging journey. Youstable is a registered company under the Companies Act 1956 and recognised by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India. The Youstable reliable web hosting company headquarters located in the Lucknow, India.

What problem does Youstable solves?

  • The first problem faced the Blogger was the customer care executive language. Youstable provides English language customer support along with Indian languages like Hindi.
  • Ineffective email support was a bigger problem. Youstable provides effective 24/7 email support, so you don’t have to wait for longer hours for a reply.
  • Web hosting services are expensive and the beating the price was the main target. Youstable offers cheap web hosting services that are reliable.
  • The servers used in the web hosting assembled from premium hardware like Samsung SSD, Intel high-end processor, Intel motherboards, Corsair DDR4 RAM, and more.
  • Easy upgrades with coupons codes to get a few bucks off from the packages.

Youstable is improving their services on a daily basis.

Plan Info

Youstable cheap web hosting services in India offers budget hosting packages to the new customer and existing customer during the renewal. I would like to point out that the Youstable plans are affordable and they are applicable for renewal cost as well.

Share Hosting:

Entry Level ($2.49 per month): The Company is offering 1GB SSD storage with 100GB bandwidth. It offers unique features like free SSL certificate that automatically integrates with your site and you also get basic on-page SEO.

Business Level ($4.99 per month): Many competitors are offering entry-level package at $4.99 while you are getting it for $2.49 per month. You get 10GB SSD storage with unlimited bandwidth. You get Basic SEO + Google My Business and SSL certificate for free.

Professional Level ($9.99 per month): By spending $10 per month, you get 50GB SSD storage with unlimited bandwidth. You get unlimited emails accounts, FTP connections, database, sub-domains, and advanced SEO + business listing.

The above plans shared web hosting packages, and Youstable offers dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, market solutions as well.

Services and Specializations

There are many services offered by the Youstable, and we are going to list them out, so you can take full advantage of the Youstable capabilities.

1: They provide Shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, Dedicated web hosting, and Managed WordPress web hosting services. Every server utilised in the process assembled from premium hardware like Samsung, Intel, Gigabyte, Corsair, and more.

2: You can register a new domain supporting over 12 domain extensions.

3: The Company also offers website designing on CMS like WordPress to help you navigate the website during their absence. The professional company designers work on HTML 5, Creative CSS3, Custom PHP, Advance CMS, Javascript, and more.

4: Youstable also offers SEO, SEM, Political campaign, Bulk SMS and Internship.

Everything on the Youstable is affordable except for the domains.

Support and Customer Service

The company has added a dedicated support team and Customer Service for customers. Allow us to provide you information about it.

Voice Support: The Youstable has a dedicated line for the customers to contact the customer executive to solve the web hosting services. They are available 24/7, so you can resolve your problem immediately. They use English as the primary language to communicate with the customer, but you can also use Indian national language Hindi to communicate with the customer support team.

Email Support: The company enabled email system for those who are unable to reach the voice customer support team. The email ticket you raise will be sent immediately to the customer support team, and they will begin looking for the errors and provide you solutions within 12-hours of the period.

You can use any of the above ways to communicate with the web hosting customer care team and resolve the problem without a matter of moments.

I recommend you to call the customer support for queries to test their ability to resolve your problem.


Youstable is a premium web hosting provider located in India, and they provide reliable hosting services to the customers. The company is also providing a coupon code “TRY2GO” to get 10% off the web hosting services and you can get your hands on it right away. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.