Islamic art is a beautiful gift one can give to a loved one. An uplifting verse from the Quran in the form of a framed work of art also serves the purpose of reminding a friend, a couple, or a relative of the Beautiful Message of Allah.

With the availability of various options, from canvas prints and wall stickers to metalwork and printed mugs, the user is spoilt for choice if he has to buy online Islamic wall art.

While gifting a piece of Islamic art, it’s best to give a work of art with a verse suitable for the occasion or the relationship you enjoy with the loved one.

  • Gift for Parents

The Quran is replete with constant reminders of being good to our parents, and obeying their wishes so long as they do not contradict the Message of Allah.

It enjoins us to lower our voice when we speak to them, specially when they have reached old age, and if we must disagree with them, we should so with kindness and mercy. For, when we were little and helpless, they took care of us, worked hard and made several sacrifices to ensure we live a good childhood. All by the Mercy and Will of Allah, of course.

The Quran also has a special prayer (dua) for parents – mentioned in Verse no. 24 of Chapter 17 (Surah Al Isra): ‘Rabbirhamhumakamarabbaynisagheera’. In English, it is translated as “Oh Lord! Bestow mercy on my parents as they took care of me when I was small.”

Of course, the best gift a child can give to his/her parents is by reciting the above dua in heart, with full sincerity, and by being kind and good to them. This is not a child’s favour for his/her parents, but a duty as commanded by Allah.

And if we one wants to gift his mother or father on their birthday, or wedding anniversary, the Quranic dua for parents written in a beautiful calligraphic style should certainly bring them joy.

  • Gift for couples on wedding day

Marriage is anextremely important aspect of life; one which can either give us peace of mind and soul, or one which can damage us emotionally. To ensure marital bliss, the Quran has instructions for men and women bonded by marriage:

‘”They (your wives) are a garment for you and you too are a garment for them.”

– Chapter 2, Verse187

As a garment protects us and hides any physical injuries or defects we may have, so must a husband and wife protect each other and hide each other’s faults from the world.

“And one of His signs is that He has created for you, spouses from amongst yourselves so that you might take comfort in them and He has placed between you, love and mercy. In this there is surely evidence (of the truth) for the people who carefully think.”

– Chapter 30, Verse 21

In a stressful world, a husband and a wife should be a source of of comfort, love and mercy to each other. Allah has, in fact, placed mercy and love between spouses, so that they can find peace with each other.

The above two verses written in an artistic manner and printed on canvas, if gifted to a newlywed couple, can be a perfecter reminder of the marital life ahead of them.

Indeed, if you look to buy online Islamic wall art, youwould finda find a treasure of beautiful gifts which you can give to your loved ones.