Essential Emergency Items Every Home Should Have

Home emergencies can happen at any time. When everything is going well and you are chilling quietly it might seem like a crazy thing to be thinking about but household issues can crop up very quickly and it’s important to ensure that when they do arise you are properly equipped to deal with them – whatever they are. The truth is that most household emergencies are not of the life-threatening variety but they are certainly of the inconveniencing type. So what are the measures that you can put in place to mitigate against disaster or unforeseen frustration? Here’s our guide to four essential things that you should ensure that you have in the house at all times.

Many levels

It may be obvious and you probably have one in the house already, but if you don’t you need to go out and get a Victorinox pocket knife. The class from the Swiss Army, these amazing tools are small and compact and fulfill so many functions it’s quite incredible. From the obvious knife blades to tweezers and toothpicks through saws and spoons and bottle openers, these little gems have such a wide variety of tools built in that it’s almost unbelievable. Coupled with a degree of creativity and a desire to find solutions, there is almost nothing you can’t do with one in the house.

Emergency Numbers

Again, it may be stating the obvious, but for the amount of time it takes to create and the potential benefit it has, you simply can’t go wrong. Make a list of emergency numbers and stick it on the fridge – or somewhere equally obvious. We are talking police, ambulance, fire department, your neighbours, family doctor… that type of thing. Yes, you can save them on your phone and perhaps they are numbers that are hard coded into your head, but what you don’t want is a situation where they are needed and the obvious angles are unavailable. Just print them out and leave the numbers in an obvious place.

Shine a light

Power failures happen from time-to-time so make sure that you have two types of solution for makeshift light available. Firstly torches,  with charged batteries in easily accessible places. Second candles or paraffin lights. Make sure that you have both. Torches are great for quick wins, but if the problem is going to take a while to fix and you don’t want to sit around in the dark forever then don’t mess around draining the batteries of all their power, rather light a candle or lamp and banish the dark.

Put it out

Perhaps a strange juxtaposition to the above where we are talking about fire and open flames, but if you don’t have one, you need one – we are talking fire extinguishers of course. A recent survey showed that less than ten percent of all households contained fire extinguishers, which is really quite a concerning number given how quickly fires can start and spread. They are not expensive to buy and the peace of mind they offer is huge. It’s the type of thing that you buy hoping never to use, but definitely something you should have in the house – and in the car for that matter!