About Direct Stream Visa for Australia

The Employer Nomination Scheme is a permanent residence visa which any skilled worker gets the nomination from the Australian employer. The visa has two main steps which include a nomination by an Australian employer and an application process by the skilled worker. Candidates who belong to nationalities other than Australia can apply for Subclass 186.

This visa category lets you work under three different streams. One of them is the direct entry stream visa for Australia. To be eligible for this category under this visa:

  • The candidate will require a nomination from an Australian employer.
  • The person has to be below the age of 45 years.
  • Should meet the qualification, have the proficiency in English language, skills, and experiences needed for that particular position.
  • Must meet other specific necessities of the Direct Entry Stream.

The selected candidate will be able to stay in Australia permanently with the help of Subclass 186. The cost would be around AUD 3,670. Applications under the Direct Entry Stream take about 8 months.

The Direct Entry stream is mainly for:

  • Those people who get the nomination by the Australian employer can use the visa scheme.
  • Those people who have worked very briefly or never worked in Australia and
  • The temporary residents who didn’t qualify using the Temporary Residence Transition stream.

Eligibility Criteria for getting nominated under direct entry stream visa in Australia:-

  • The person needs the appointment from the Australian employer before a span of six months for applying.
  • The person has to be below the age of 45 years.
  • The candidate needs to have the necessary qualifications and skills for the position (it is necessary at the time of application along with a mandatory license, professional registration, or registration of being suitable).
  • The candidate needs to qualify the English (Competent) language proficiency test.
  • The person must meet the requirements for character and health.
  • The person must meet the additional requirements of the Direct Entry stream.

Additional Criteria for Direct Entry Stream

  • The person has to get the nomination for a job under this stream along with having the nomination approved.
  • Either the candidate has briefly or never stayed in Australia.
  • The person has a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa but has not been qualified for applying through the Temporary Transition stream.
  • The person is applying for this visa when not in Australia.

Australia is flourishing with work and business prospects in different streams and professions. Such as aquaculture, farming, mining, service, tourism, viticulture, horticultural, IT industries and others as well as the hospital and healthcare services.

This country has multiple horizons to explore life as well as career. By 2020, this country needs huge immigrants to save the ecological balance from all over the world. In spite of necessities, this country is ready to welcome immigrants to make them permanent resident as a part of their country people. Their purpose to bring immigrants is not at all limited to their economic policy.

Under this direct entry stream visa, skilled people can get the chances to make development in their lives and set the standard of their lifestyle.