Be Careful Of Medicines During And After Pregnancy

When one is expecting a baby, taking medicines on their own is considered to be very risky. This is because; it is not possible for a layman to understand which medicines are safe for them during and post pregnancy.

There are some sorts of medicines which are completely safe to take in pregnancy. You can always take prenatal vitamins which are safe and also important for your health when you are expecting a child. There is always a healthcare provider and you can ask them or consult with them before you take any kind of vitamins, supplements or other herbal remedies. But you have to aware as all the herbal medicines are not safe to have. There are also some vitamins to take after giving birth and gynecologists will suggest a mother what to take if they need them.

One has to drink plenty of water. This is a very healthy habit no matter if you are pregnant or not. Buy if you are pregnant you have to be more particular about it. To reduce indigestion, nothing works well like water. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water for daily and good consumption. You have to be alert about the quality of the water you are drinking. It

When facing indigestion problems, fibre can come to your rescue. If you are on a high fibre diet then there is an increase in your metabolism rate. So when you are pregnant, it is a good idea to eat more fibre content food like vegetables, grains, fruits and legumes. Calcium rich food can do wonders to your body in pregnancy. They help in building string bones in your baby’s body and keep your bones string as well. It also keeps blood pressure level normal in the body. One can consume glasses of low fat milk or soymilk at least a glass every day. You can also cook your oat meal or your rice with this milk instead of water as they will bring more calcium to your diet.

There are many studies that have revealed that doing regular exercise can actually reduce a lot of pregnancy related complications.  In fact there is a less chance of developing gestational diabetes and preeclampsia during this. But if you avoid physical activities then this can lead to higher risks.

As the months go by in pregnancy the foetus grows gradually. This will reflect in the body weight of the pregnant woman.  One needs to check the foetus growth by doing an ultrasound test at a regular interval. If there is any hurdle, then the foetus will not grow properly and can cause a disruption in pregnancy.

If one has any kind of infection attacks during pregnancy, then it is a good idea to take Penicillin. As doctors have said that there are no side effects of penicillin and the baby inside the womb does not get affected by the use of penicillin. One can also intake some folic acid after giving birth but that has to be prescribes by the gynaecologist only.