Arizer ArGo Vaporizer Review – Portable, Powerful, and Pretty

Out of so many vaporizers in the market, the Arizer ArGo is probably the best portable vaporizer with a long list of features. It delivers impressive performance in a compact package, with features that you expect from an Arizer unit.

From borosilicate glass mouthpieces to granular temperature control – it has everything to awe the true vape lovers.  All the excellent features are bundled into a sleek, compact unit that can comfortably fit your palm.

So if you adore flavor-rich vapors in a portable unit, then the Arizer ArGo is your go-to option. Let’s have a look at a brief review of the vaporizer to familiarize you with its main highlights.

The Design

Arizer has blended all its signature design highlights into the portable ArGo, and it looks fantastic! You can see the unique glass mouthpiece that works the same as other models like Air 2 & Solo 2. All you need to do is fill it up with the herbs of your choice and fix it into the vaporizer. That’s it!

Apart from that, the Arizer ArGo vaporizer has one more superb trick that its big brothers don’t have. You can pop up the top of the unit to protect its mouthpiece. Once you have inserted the mouthpiece, you need to press the button on its back to extend the top. Doing so will make the mouthpiece sit snuggly.

When you wish to vape, push it down, and there you go!

There’s an OLED screen with precise temp control settings to help you set the unit as per your preference. Other than that, you get a 18650 interchangeable battery that offers decent hours of vaporizing on the go. Being replaceable, you can swap it whenever you need. In short, there’s not a single thing in Arizer ArGo vaporizer that isn’t portable friendly.

How To Use It

  • Using the ArGo is close to a cakewalk, and you can have fun with it with one hand. Here’s how to use it:
  • Dip the end of the unit in your herb supply to load it. Now gently tap it to make some space in the herb for the air to pass through.
  • Next, put the weed-filled end into the unit and press the top downwards to reveal the mouthpiece.
  • Power on the vaporizer (hold down the plus and menu buttons together).
  • Using the “+” & “-” options, set your desired temperature.
  • The unit will beep twice after it reaches the set temperature.
  • Just inhale vapors from the mouthpiece to enjoy a hassle-free session!

Not just that, there are custom session settings to help you set the session as per your taste and liking. Even better, you can set the temperature during the session for further customization.

Performance and Vapor Quality

For dense, flavor-rich vapors through this portable unit, Arizer ArGo is the best option. You get exceptional quality vapor around the temperature range of 390°F & 400°F.  Thanks to the glass mouthpiece, it keeps the vapors flavorful and crisp (apart from cool) throughout the session.

In fact, the borosilicate glass mouthpiece doesn’t have any effect on the vapor quality.

The Bottom Line

The vaporizer costs between $250-300, and if you are lucky enough to browse To The Cloud Vapor Store, you may get some discount on your purchase.

While ArGo is the smallest in its line, the unit is a clear winner. It is ideal for those who love vaping dry herbs, no matter at home or while traveling. You don’t need much maintenance or cleaning, and some parts are interchangeable.

All in all, the Arizer ArGo vaporizer is one of the best portable vapes in the market you can consider.